A cuisine

of passion

La Castellana is a small restaurant located in one of the most stunning landscape of Tuscany, dipped in the green hills in the heart of Chianti Classico, halfway between Florence and Siena. To be more precise it is located in the small medieval town of Montefioralle. La Castellana is a family-run and client-oriented restaurant, with only few tables and a fine cuisine made of passion, tradition, simple and genuine taste. Everything we serve is prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients of Tuscan cuisine.




A stunning


In spring and summertime you can have dinner or lunch outside and enjoy the breath-taking view on Chianti’s hills.
Throughout winter and autumn you can relax indoor, letting yourself being spoiled by a warm and family atmosphere, typical of the “slow” living of our area.
It will be an unforgettable stop-by in Chianti.


An enchanting


The history of


Montefioralle is a small ruby on the top of a hill next to Greve in Chianti, recognised as “one of the most beautiful villages of Italy”, counting around 100 inhabitants.
Throughout the Middle Age, it was one of the military and administrative centres of the area: the first documents mentioning Montefioralle date the year al 1085 and refer to the Ricasoli, Benci, Gherardini and Vespucci family. Until 1630, the name of the village was Monteficalle.
From the 18th century on, the importance of this village was overcame by the one of Greve in Chianti, which originally was simply a local market.
Among the building of Montefioralle, one of the houses is supposed to be property of the Florentine traveller Amerigo Vespucci. The other important ones are the one carrying a Bigallo Coat of Arms and Santo Stefano church. The village and the surrounding countryside is the ideal place for a walk before or after visiting our restaurant.





Our Menù

Our recipes and dishes follow the rhythm of the seasons and are developed upon a base of solid Tuscan traditions: boar hunting, pheasant hunting and hare hunting are among are examples of this tradition. From the old times comes also the use we make of spices and herbs in our meat and truffle dishes. Grilled, roasted and stewed meat are among our favourite recipes.

We offer fabulous truffles and mushrooms all year round, served as carpaccio (thinly sliced and raw), grilled or crispy, married with melted cheese on the side. Our cold cuts are carefully selected and our tortelli always fresh and combined with the perfect dressing.

We also offer the possibility of hosting groups of 30/40 people with customized menus.
In addition, we can cater at locations selected by you for events.


From our Menù



The World of Truffles

The World


For years our menu has focused on truffle dishes, always fresh from January to December.

Scorzone, uncinato, black fine, bianchetto marzolino, always available from us also for direct sale.

Different for white, which depending on the market, we select and order on request.

We have been collaborating for years with companies in the area that supply us not only with fresh truffles but also with truffle products such as:
Salami, pecorino cheese, cheeses, honeys, creams, oils, pasta, etc.

These are also available to order to prepare a great truffle dinner for you at home!

And for those who want to have an unforgettable experience…

We organize with a family of local truffle hunters truffle hunting together with their four-legged furry friends, essential for finding the gold the earth offers in the nearby woods around chianti.
For those who want to have an intensive day in this world, after the hunt, lunch or dinner at the restaurant to taste this delicacy.



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Where we are

Via di Montefioralle, 2
Località Montefioralle
50022 Greve in Chianti
Tuscany, Italy


Booking: +39 055 853134
Mobile: +39 333 8895614
Email: castellanaasia@gmail.com